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Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 2)

Nov. 01, 2018

Hide room study

Medium-sized units make it possible to have an independent study. For collectors who have a large collection of books, or who like to collect books and scrolls, the design of single-table single cabinets in ordinary study rooms cannot meet their storage needs. At this time, it takes some effort to collect these numerous books and articles, and to make the study comfortable and tidy.

 Teach you home storage 12 coups?(section 1)

Book stack, large capacity bookcase

The multi-functional combination bookcase of the top floor makes people's eyes shine, and the size of the bookcase can be freely combined from single door to multiple doors. In the center area, a double lounge sofa is placed, which is matched with a dark set, and the functions of some living rooms are transplanted to the study. Hold the entire study with a complete piece of furniture.


Iron bookshelf

Place the desk near the window, the desk can be placed on both sides of the desk, and the transparent wrought iron bookshelf is designed on the back. The desk itself also has a good storage design, which makes it easier to take items.

Randomly changing reading area

 Teach you home storage 12 coups?(section 1)

This free-form bookcase is amazing. By adjusting the height of the laminate, changing the drawers and other components, you can form different styles. The bottom drawer can be placed at will. The ever-changing bookcase is absolutely refreshing.


Hide room kitchen

There are a lot of things to be stored in the kitchen. The materials of various materials have different requirements for the size of the storage space and the conditions of the wet and dry conditions. Even when the cabinets are installed with various large cabinets, they are still not enough when they are used. In fact, there are many corners that you have neglected, and their storage potential can not be underestimated!


Flexible metal pendant

Install crossbars and hooks on the wall below the wall cabinet to place hangable items and tools, especially those commonly used in cooking, such as knives, shovel, cutlery, and even recipes. It looks neat and convenient. .

Suitable shelf

 Teach you home storage 12 coups?(section 1)

Put the plain shelf under the wall cabinet, put some cooking seasonings and rags, cups for drinking water, small stainless steel pots, seasoning bottles for condiments, and even put some photo frames and vases. Like, anything can be placed on it. Adjusting the boring kitchen space, you can save a basket of money.


Low cabinet with enamel

Pushing the free low cabinet, the storage and flexible movement characteristics are integrated into one. When pulled out for independent use, it can also serve as a temporary cutting board. If the kitchen is crowded, it can be pulled to the living room to store.

Teach you home storage 12 coups?(section 1)

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