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Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 1)

Nov. 01, 2018

The size of the house is fixed, but the inner "greedy" people always want to make the limited space appear bigger, free up more places to move or even white. We have collected the 12 most convenient and effective storage tips for you, and acted to realize these "greedy" wishes!


Hide room living room

The living room is like a family's face, and the face is cleaned up, so that the messy books and snacks do not interfere with the first look, so the storage problem is particularly important.

 Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 1)

Combined porch locker

The following cabinets are placed with the shoes to be replaced. The platform part can be seated on the top for easy wear and tear. The above box plates are nailed with several hooks, which can hang the door, hat and bag of the door. It is a good helper for quickly finishing makeup.


Concealed CD rack

The discs in the home are always thrown everywhere. If it is so convenient to add such a set of concealed CD shelves in the TV cabinet, you don't have to worry about finding the favorite discs.


Large-capacity TV cabinet

The large-capacity TV cabinet can increase the storage space in the living room and can store books, DVDs and other items. If you pay attention to it, you can choose the TV cabinet door to be pullable. When you don't watch TV, close the door to avoid messy surface. When you watch TV, pull the door and fold it back into the cabinet, which will not affect the viewer's sight. .

Hide room bedroom

 Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 1)

As a resting space, the bedroom must avoid surface clutter, otherwise it will easily interfere with the quality of sleep. The bedroom has a lot of storage space from the bed to the bed. The key is whether you are a good person.

Bedside bed storage bed

 Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 1)

It seems like a sandwich, the bed is made into a top-floor wardrobe and bookcase, the desk lamp is mounted on the cabinet board, and the three-layer drawer shoe cabinet at the end of the bed, making full use of all the space.

Storage bed with roller


Ordinary storage beds are cumbersome. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to move. This flat storage box with rollers can be easily hidden on the underside of the bed and can be pulled out as a coffee table.

 Teach You Home Storage 12 Coups?(Section 1)

Storage bed head

Using a narrow space on the inside of the bed to store books and CDs, it is a very compact design for small bedrooms.

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