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Popular Japanese home storage method

Feb. 27, 2019

Sandwich plastic storage cabinet

The above-mentioned storage drawer type storage cabinet is suitable for a wider place, and there are always some narrow and small spaces in the house, such as a refrigerator, a sink, and a washing machine.

 We can also print pictures of bags, socks, small toys, etc., and attach them to the plastic storage drawer surface of the storage cabinet to cultivate the child's toy storage and keeping skills.

 Popular Japanese home storage method

Front open storage box

In addition to the drawer storage, there is also a storage box for the hippocampus.

Its cover is split, it is more stable and heavier than the plastic storage drawer chassis, and can put some heavier objects.

 Popular Japanese home storage method

The kitchen's oil and salt sauce vinegar bottles and cans, toilet liquid detergent softener, etc., can be used to solve it.

 When changing the season, carry labels such as pants, tops, socks, and underwear, and sort them out at a glance.

 Popular Japanese home storage method

Storage box with handle

The heights of the hanging storage cabinets and shelves, especially the deeper positions, make it difficult to put things up and it is always difficult to use them.

 Popular Japanese home storage method

A box with a handle is solved, and paper towels, wet wipes, and electrostatic mops are replaced, and these lighter and more expensive daily necessities can be placed.

 Most of these storage boxes are white or transparent. The transparent storage boxes are used to storage fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, so that you can find things in the first time.

 Popular Japanese home storage method

The storage baskets of various materials can be mixed and mixed in the children's room, and they can also exhibit a rich level of change.

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