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Utility Cart Choosing Guide

Mar. 22, 2023

Four-wheel handling folding cart manufacturers wholesale direct sales

Carts are available in one-wheeled, two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled versions. Unicycles can be driven on narrow roads and narrow paths, can turn in place, dumping goods is very convenient. The commonly used two-wheeled vehicles are the hand-pushed moving truck (also known as the tiger truck), the rack truck and the bucket truck for handling bulk materials, etc. One of the three wheelbarrows and two of the four wheelbarrows are universal wheels that can turn around the plumb shaft. This kind of universal wheel can automatically adjust to the direction of least resistance as the direction of vehicle movement changes.

Utility Cart Choosing Guide

Carts for different purposes have different body structures. Most general purpose wheelbarrows have a loading platform. Special trolley is a variety of structure, some car system box shape, suitable for handling light weight and easy to load and unload goods; Some car body out of the bracket, easy to place the rod, shaft and pipe parts; Some car body shape is completely consistent with the goods, such as gas cylinder car; Some are very small, can fold, easy to carry; Some to facilitate the loading and unloading of liquid barrels, paper rolls and other tubular goods, the car body has two flat steel to form a low slope, to facilitate the cylinder roll up and down, such as tubular cargo handling car. Modern trolleys are fitted with rolling bearings and the wheels are made of solid or pneumatic tyres. The anti-static wheelbarrow is made of stainless steel skeleton, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheel. The four-corner cylinder of the mesh plate is equipped with an adjusting clip and adjusting groove, which is light and flexible. The steel column is concave into the groove ring every inch and the nozzle piece protrprotrating coil is assembled together. Sturdy and durable, laminate divided into mesh and plate two, bridge structure, bearing distribution uniform.

JIEMA four-wheeled trolley is portable and lightweight, with extendable bottom plate design and two elastic ropes. After folding, it is small and can be put into a backpack. The wheels are made of PVC tank wheel with high strength, wear resistance and pressure resistance, which is durable. Is a good helper in your life, This lightweight dolly folding cart is suitable for shopping, business travel, cargo handling, luggage moving, outdoor carry, warehouse cargoes delivery, moving house, home delivery service, office daily use, and so on.

Utility Cart Choosing Guide

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