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Four things parents must do on Children's Day!

May. 30, 2023

Four things parents must do on Children's Day!

The long-awaited holiday for the children is coming. For them, this day should be free, easy, and surrounded by love and happiness. So, what can parents do today to make their children feel endless love and warmth?

Children's Day

1. Give the child a warm hug

Psychologist Harry Harlow proved through experiments with baby rhesus monkeys and two surrogate mothers that "the comfort brought by contact" is the most important element of love. Hugging is one of the most important ways for humans to express love. For children, hugging is the basis for establishing parent-child attachment. It can not only bring comfort and increase a sense of security, but also improve immunity, relieve depression, and promote brain development. For parents, hugging their children is not only beneficial to physical and mental health, but also enhances the sense of self-existence, happiness and satisfaction, enhances parent-child relationship, and even helps to resolve parent-child conflicts and improve children's bad behavior.

2. Say "thank you" to your child

A very interesting topic: "Is it normal to insist on saying thank you between father and son?" Some parents think that saying thank you to their relatives seems to be born out of place! In fact, saying "thank you" to the child is not only a compliment and encouragement to the child, but also can help the child establish good habits and teach the child to be grateful! The American writer William Arthur Ward once said: "Being grateful but not expressing it is like wrapping a gift but not sending it out." On the day of the festival, parents say "thank you" to their children, and then describe several family Small stories in life will undoubtedly make children happier and more present!

Children's Day

3. Tell your child "You are awesome!"

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory, everyone has the need to be recognized and acknowledged. Therefore, encouraging children scientifically and intelligently is crucial to their growth! However, some parents worry that praising their children will make them proud. In fact, it is because there is no right way. If done right, encouragement will only boost your child's self-confidence.

Children's Day

4. Accompany the children to go out for a walk

Parents can devote themselves to relaxing with their children and making them laugh!

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