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World No Tobacco Day Folding baskets may be the cure for smoking cravings

May. 24, 2023

One week until World No Tobacco Day. World No Tobacco Day originated from the 6th International Conference on Smoking and Health held by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Tokyo, Japan in November 1987. It began to be implemented in 1988, but since 1989, World No Tobacco Day has been changed to May 31 every year, because the next day is International Children's Day, hoping that the next generation will be free from the harm of tobacco. Tobacco dependence is a chronic disease. Tobacco hazards are one of the most serious public health problems in the world. Smoking and second-hand smoke seriously endanger human health.

No Tobacco

In April 2023, the World Health Organization announced that the theme of the 2023 World No Tobacco Day global campaign is "Grow Food, Not Tobacco". Tobacco can damage almost all organs of the human body, and smoking cessation can effectively prevent or delay the progression of smoking-related diseases. The study found that the risk of death of patients with coronary heart disease can be reduced by about half after 1 year of quitting smoking, and it will continue to decrease with the extension of smoking cessation time. After 15 years of quitting smoking, the absolute risk of death of patients with coronary heart disease will be similar to that of never smokers; quit smoking And preventing exposure to second-hand smoke is the most important means of preventing and treating COPD. Smoking cessation is the only proven method that can effectively delay the progressive decline of lung function. Smoking cessation can also reduce stroke, peripheral vascular disease, pneumonia and gastric and duodenal Ulcer morbidity and mortality. Therefore, smoking cessation is an important part of the treatment of various smoking-related diseases. Quitting smoking can also reduce the harm of people around you, especially family members and colleagues, from exposure to second-hand smoke. There are benefits to smoking cessation in all age groups, and "quitting early is better than quitting later, and quitting is better than not quitting at all".

Nowadays, many people become addicted to smoking because of anxiety, and according to the latest research, a clean and tidy living environment can effectively relieve people's anxiety. Jim folding baskets help you organize and classify various items, making your living environment more tidy and convenient.

Advantages of Jim's Folding Basket

Camping Folding Basket

1. Stackable design: The storage baskets can be stacked together when not in use, saving space. the

2. Hollow carved design: fresh and breathable, not easy to leave odor, easy to clean and dry.

3. Hook bump design: effective anti-slip, comfortable to touch.

4. Four corner reinforcement ribs fixed: strong and durable, easy to pull out after stacking.

Folding BasketFolding Basket

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