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How to organize your closet with storage baskets

Aug. 29, 2023

After people get married, the wardrobe no longer belongs to one person. If the items between husband and wife are not organized properly, the closet will look messy. Today's article teaches you how to organize your wardrobe with storage baskets.

The interior of the wardrobe is classified according to the clothes of the husband and the clothes of the wife, and various storage baskets are used to increase the function of the drawers. Please put commonly used hats, ties, underwear, etc. in the same place, which can reduce the moving distance; store daily home clothes and work clothes separately, and store all kinds of clothes in separate storage baskets, which can prevent the inconvenience caused by searching for clothes Messy; the place left under the hanging shirt can also be used. Use several storage baskets to organize shorter underwear, socks, handkerchiefs and other items in the vacant position, and make the most of the space in the closet; Can be packed in a storage basket and put in a wardrobe.

Among the many storage baskets, I recommend the stackable design of the jim storage basket and its own handle, which is convenient for us to save space and easy to pull out from the closet. There are large, medium and small sizes for us to choose from, made of high-quality ABS plastic, waterproof and sturdy. The stretchy plastic makes the basket less shatter-resistant; the smooth finish resists scratches.

Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic Storage Boxes

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