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Winter is coming how do you storage your clothes

Nov. 08, 2018

Winter is coming, how do you storage your clothes for the season?

 Winter is coming how do you storage your clothes

The cold dew has arrived and the temperature has plummeted!

Have you felt a cool atmosphere recently?

It's time to take out the winter clothes! But….



In addition to home storage, you can choose to discard unnecessary items.


Prepare empty storage boxes, leave your heart at first sight, and hesitate to choose to donate, throw away or sell;

 Winter is coming how do you storage your clothes

If the storage cabinets and storage drawer are not in place at the beginning, or if family members and living habits have changed, you will have to resort to various storage bins/baskets/box /drawers to assist you in achieving a perfect fit.


Drawer storage box


According to different sizes and models, you can make full use of the space under the closet after hanging clothes.


Especially in the season, the spring and summer clothes put these boxes, the autumn and winter clothes put those boxes, and then re-combined according to different storage boxes, the seasons home storage is very flexible.

 Winter is coming how do you storage your clothes

The advantage of the drawer cabinet is that it is flexible and mobile. Remember to think about the home storage plan in advance, measure the size of your home, and continuously optimize the storage combination.

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