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Why are people always bitten by mosquitoes

Aug. 07, 2019

One second Q&A: Why are people always bitten by mosquitoes?

After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, mosquitoes can feel the presence of carbon dioxide source through the mouthparts at a great distance. Nearly 36 meters, they can clearly feel the metabolism of lactic acid, and the position of body to locate the blood,then start eating, so people with fast metabolism are easily bitten by mosquitoes.


Research shows:

1. Children are easily bitten by mosquitoes because they are developing and their metabolism is fast;

2, Mosquitoes are afraid of light, but do not like the light is too dark, most like to suck blood in low light environment, so people wearing dark clothes and dark skin are easily bitten by mosquitoes;

3, Mosquitoes like to bite people with higher body temperature, such as children, pregnant women;

4. For mosquitoes, the carbon dioxide and sweat emitted by the human body are effective information to guide it to find prey. People with large lung capacity, young people with heavy movements, fat people, and people with heavy breathing are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.


If you want to avoid the bites of mosquitoes, the fundamental way is to reduce the "smell" emitted by the body. For example, take a bath as soon as possible after exercise,wipe off the sweat in time, and summer had better use perfume, protect skin to dew to wait for cosmetic less.

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