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The Wrong Region of Storage

Jul. 02, 2019

The Wrong Region of Storage

1.Entrance area

Are the letters or advertisements checked and processed at the entrance to the entrance?

Do you often bring unwanted things home with you?

Are the shoes that are not worn and outdated or stained stuffed with the shoe cabinet?

When I take off my shoes, I often forget to put them back in the shoe cabinet?

2.Living area

Are there more and more gifts that are not used?

The paper newspapers piled up too much and continued to increase, but I don’t know what it is.

Is the broken electrical furniture still occupying space at home?

Is there more than one piece of the same electrical appliance?

The things that have been used by the remote control and so on have not been put back in the same place?

Have you seen newspapers and magazines often "temporarily" on the sofa?

Is there a temporary key storage area near the entrance entrance?

I am very beautiful, but I forgot to put things in there?

When you use a TV or a phone near your phone, you will accumulate a lot of objects from different sources.


3.Restaurant area

The tableware that was too long for free was collected in a cabinet?

Different cups and cups are not planned to be collected in more than two places?

The storage is too neat, people dare not use it, and take it carefully?

Is the same kitchen cabinet mixed with too many storage tools? Is the storage tool that is not suitable still in use?

The number of sealed boxes is too large, and there is no uniformity.

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