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Kitchen bottle sort out and storage

Jun. 17, 2019

Many people often ignore the kitchen storage, always let the bottles and cans 

be placed everywhere, easy to use by the stove, but do not know that it is easy

 to overheat and change the seasoning! Shopping supermarkets always like to

 buy new or imported seasonings and food, but I don’t know if the other bottle 

in the house has not been used several times! The kitchen should also be 

classified, yes, organize the kitchen, let the bottles and jars be neatly placed, 

throw away the expired products, classify the sauces, condiments, and dry

foods to make the kitchen feel better.



Please know the following kitchen storage principles:


Principle 1: bottles sort out to storage

What you need for cooking can be placed in the cooking area; dry food or 

canned food can be stored in the dining cabinet.


Principle 2: Avoid buying large quantities of sauces at once

Some stores must purchase multiple bottles of the same product at a time.

 Although the unit price is cheap, it is easy to expire at home, and it will eat

 fresh sauces. Don't be cheap.


Principle 3: Selecting shallow Storage cabinet is better

The deep kitchen cabinet will make the rear bottle difficult to find or take. It

 is best to use a light cabinet to make all the bottles and jars clear at a glance.


Principle 4: Keep away from the fire area

The heat of the fire will make the sauce deteriorate, and it is not suitable for

 direct sunlight to the sauce.


Principle 5: Make good use of small items to increase efficiency

In the high cabinet, only half of the storage space is used, and the upper half

 that is wasted can be fully utilized by the storage rack.


Principle 6: Use the record method to master the home seasoning jar

Some people will use the singular pen to enlarge the expiration date on the

 bottle. Some people will use the refrigerator or small whiteboard to record

 the expiration date of the bottle and can, reminding themselves.


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