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How to reduce domestic workload

Aug. 15, 2019

 How to reduce domestic workload?

1.When Storaging, consider to reduce cleanness requirement as far as possible;

2.Categorize by frequency of use and usage scenarios, not by item attributes;

3.Strictly control the number of items in possession;

4.Reserve buffer space;

5. Do not have spare parts for non-consumable items;

6. Cleaning products should use disposable products as much as possible;

7. Actively try new equipment but don't have much hope for alternative labor;


Two rules that ordinary people want to make their homes look better:

1)    Put an end to without practical adornment, a room can have one at most, because it is not easy to match multiple decorations with each other;

2)    Every practical thing picks Good-looking,don't make do with the look. Shape, color, and material should be as uniform as possible, and don't compromise on strange patterns.


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