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How To Cook-Steamed Egg and crab

Jul. 15, 2019

Steamed Egg And Crab


1sea crab, 100g ground pork, 3 egg, 3g shallots, 3ml soy sauce, 1 Tsp cooking wine, amout of salt, oil.


Beat the eggs and stir well. Wash and cut the scallions.The crab was washed clean with a brush and stripped of its shell. The crab body was cut in half and placed in boiling water for 3-4s.Leave the hot crab water for later use.Minced pork add wine and a little salt, light soy sauce mix to make a number of small meatballs, put into the hot oil fry to finalize the design after drain oil.Mix egg liquid and scald crab water 1:2 proportion, put in small meatballs, recombine crab into whole crab on the top, wrap good plastic film into the pot between the water steamed.Remove the plastic wrap, pour the steamed fish sauce and sprinkle the scallion.



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