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Balcony Excellent Storage Design Lets Sitting Room Eclipse

May. 17, 2019

In our life, the balcony often used hang out the clothes, it’s multifunction easily overlooked 

by us, there for reducing the value of balcony. Install a good-looking cabinet or design balcony 

to a small leisure, entertainment and private space. You can see the picture shows below,

maybe you will love it.


In addition to the literary and leisure place, the balcony is indeed a good storage space.

On a narrow balcony, plastic storage box is the best choice. Put the sundries into the

storage box and place them on the shelf. Visually not messy, still very neat and orderly.


Our company provides portable storage drawer, folding transparent boxes for easy viewing 

of items in the cabinet and easy to take. It can use in balcony, room, cloakroom, kitchen 

storage. It is easy to fold transport and save space.



We also have a slant box that can pick things down. This plastic stackable clear box is 

very sealed, it can store rice and liquid.



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