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Five basic rules for inclusion

Sep. 18, 2018

Recently, a friend often asks me how to do it. Why do I have to work hard to collect it, how long will it take, and it will be messy? In fact, the basic rules of storage are only these five, where to use, the ease of use, how long to use, fixed storage placement, who uses. As long as you think about these five things in your mind, you can naturally learn to store. The storage is not good, it must be because of which of the five pieces did not.

The first rule is to classify and store items: taking the storage of the living room as an example, the living room is the main place for family activities and meeting guests. It is necessary to be clean and dry. You can first use children's toys, various newspapers, magazines, medicine boxes, Sort all kinds of snacks into the storage box. Before purchasing the storage box, it is best to measure the size first, and match the place where the storage box is placed. The color of the storage box can be matched with the style of the room. You can choose the same color or contrast color, and the overall effect looks beautiful. The most important thing for bedroom storage is underwear storage and cosmetic storage. Therefore, the storage box must be environmentally safe. There is a famous saying that whether the wife is qualified or not, it depends on whether she buys an underwear storage box for everyone in the family! In fact, the underwear storage box can also be used to put socks, scarves, belts, but also a special multi-function. As for the cosmetic storage box, it is a necessity for the scented beauty, and there are many bottles and cans. With this storage box, it looks reasonable, neat and orderly, and a small box turns us into competent housewives. 

Five basic rules for inclusion

The second rule is based on the frequency of use. The most common thing is to place the outermost top layer of the drawer; this is more suitable for kitchen storage, oil and salt sauce vinegar, pots and pans, cutlery bottles, etc. according to actual use. Put the most frequently used ones on the top and the outside, and pick them up. It's easy to put items one by one in a spacious space. But the space at home is limited. Therefore, we must fully consider how to store it. At this time, the frequency used is the standard of measurement. Items that are frequently used are placed in front. The space can be divided into five parts. When the handle is naturally hanging on both sides, the line of sight and fingertips are the easiest to get, and can be used to store frequently used items. "When you raise your hand, from the fingertips to the line of sight" and "between the fingertips and the knees"; "Places above the fingertips when lifting your hand up" to store light items that are not frequently used; "Under the knee The location "stores items that are not used often but are heavy. Do not disperse the same kind of items, pay attention to the frequency of use.

Five basic rules for inclusion

The third rule is that the storage should be convenient to use, ergonomically, and the location of the storage should be near the place of use. This is the basic basic. Store clothes near the place where you are wearing clothes and put kitchenware in the place where you cook. Items that need to be used in the living room are placed in the living room. It's very simple. But such a simple thing, many families still can't do it. The cupboard is far from the console, or you can take the iron from somewhere else every time you iron your clothes. Some people also put their clothes and small accessories in different places, and always have to go around every time they go out. If you have a similar situation above, I want to say it again here: place the item near the place of use. As long as you keep this rule, you can save time on pick and place. If you forget where you put it someday, don't use the room to turn over. Therefore, it can be said that it saves time and effort. When there is not enough storage space, use other tools and store them near the place of use. Whether it is the shower gel shampoo in the bathroom, the various dishes in the kitchen, or the storage box of the living room children's toys, newspapers and magazines, etc., need to be placed in a convenient place, not too high or too low, take Not convenient;

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